Take care of your skin!


Skin is heaviest organ in the human body and its main functions are: to protect tissues, regulate body temperature, and preserve nutrients. It is also responsible for sensory perception of our surroundings: pain, heat, cold, textures, etc.

Its role is vital, since it is a barrier against infections and other harsh external factors, for this reason it is essential to keep your skin clean, nourished and moisturised:

» It is essential to shower every day, at least once a day, ideally twice, in the morning and before going to bed.

» Wash your body with water and bar or liquid soap, paying special attention to folds such as armpits, the back of your knees, and your groin. Don’t forget your fingers and toes, navel and ears.

» After rinsing your body well, use a clean towel and carefully dry your whole body – damp skin can encourage germs and bacteria.

» For a moisturised and nourished skin, finish by applying body oil, lotion or cream, depending on the time of the year and the characteristics of your skin.

» Always choose clean clothes made from natural fibres so that your skin can breathe better and to prevent body odour.

The beauty of your skin is vital for your health and well-being – keep it clean and protected!