Prevent body odours


Perspiration is originally odourless, but when the bacteria on your skin transform sweat into acids, the smell becomes disagreeable and body odour can be detected.

To prevent this discomfort, we recommend:

» Showering every day, at least once a day.

» Using an antibacterial bar or liquid soap, to eliminate all the bacteria responsible for the bad odour.

» It is very important to carefully dry your body, since germs and bacteria proliferate on moist skin.

» Always use a clean, dry towel.

» Use an antiperspirant deodorant that is not aggressive to your skin.

» The use of a good body lotion, cream or oil has two purposes: it helps to fight body odours and it keeps your skin always moisturised.

» Wear clean clothes made from natural fibres, which help sweat to evaporate.